1- Flooring Sample

Send us a sample of the flooring you would like photographed.  Call us for quantity – usually three boxes of wood, tile or laminate flooring is about right.

2- Select an Image

Send us your existing or out of date high resolution digital image(s).
If you prefer, we can help you select from thousands of stock images available, at minimal cost.  We will work with you or your marketing agency to create the perfect visual setting to showcase your flooring product.  Don’t forget – in addition to flooring, we can change and enhance any aspect of your image, including wall color, furniture color, window scenes and more to give you more mileage from your existing photos.

3- Flooring Photography

We photograph your flooring sample in our proprietary studio using the latest advanced digital equipment and lighting.

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4- Digital Work

Using digital technology, we then seamlessly integrate your flooring into your chosen image.  We take the utmost care during this process to faithfully capture every nuance of your floor sample’s color, texture and overall character as it would naturally appear in its new setting.

5- Approval

When we are satisfied that your flooring image has met our high visual standards, we send it to you for approval.  This can be done instantaneously via the Internet.

6- No Costly Set Construction

That’s it!  No costly set construction, no need to waste time coordinating multiple parties.  Once you approve your image(s), we’ll provide you with a high resolution CMYK file, including multiple file formats for all your marketing needs.  We also provide a sample swatch for each flooring style.

7- Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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